What is Cloud9 TV Service?
Cloud9 is an affordable Cable Television Service, at $15 dollars a month you get access to special events, PPV’s, and all your favorite channels. Please see the channel list for a complete list of channels.
Does it work on the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV device?
Yes it does, it actually works on all devices, which includes.
• Android Phones
• Android TV Box (MeCool, BuzzTV, BeeLink, Nvidia shield and many others)
• Sony Android TV
Does it work on Android Tablets & Phones?
This answer is not that simple and it depends…

Due to some tablet and phone manufacturers heavily modifying the Android they use and put their interface on top of it, it can run into problems as our APK is designed for Standard Android.

You can use the M3U with an M3U IPTV Player such as Perfect player , which might in case of problems with the APK the better Solution.

How many devices can I use it on in the same household?
You can use it on 5 devices, means you have 5 lines. Yes that is correct. Most other services charge per line and your bill could end up $30+ dollars a month. We do no charge for extras, no extra for a guide and no extra for extra TV’s in your house!
Do you provide support when I have a problem?
Yes we do click on “Support” to put in a ticket we respond quickly.
Can I share my account since one account can be across three different IP addresses?
No we discourage sharing, we need to pay for our servers and if you gave your account to three different friends it would put strain on our servers, also if you share it with more than three friends and they share it with just one friend (your account could be banned). Keep the account to yourself it’s for you and your family.
Where can I download the App? How do I install the App on my device?
Please see Support section on our website, we provide guides for different devices. It is a simple process it’s like install any other android app on your phone or TV box.
Does Cloud9 offer affiliate program if I recommend your service?
Yes we do click on “Affiliates” on our website
My Cloud9 is buffering, what can I try?
• Try disconnecting from Wi-Fi and wire your connection to your TV BOX.
• Try moving your router closer to your Firestick & Fire TV or android Box
• Please note Wi-Fi Technology is only good between two walls
• Make sure you have internet speeds of at least 10mbps download/ 1mbps upload (check with your internet service provider)
Do you offer refunds?
Yes we do if you are not happy we will gladly offer you a refund if you contact us BEFORE the service has been setup for you, but will try to get your service running first this is why you came here in the first place cable cutting.

Please note, we do NOT provide any refunds later on without exception!

Should I update the Cloud9 App?
It is very important to update the Cloud9 when the update message comes up this ensures all channels have the best quality links and the guide is updated.
Can Cloud9 be used by disabled and elderly?
Yes it can we made our service very easy; all you have to do is input your login and password and press one button and start enjoying TV. We noticed lots of services are complicated with add-ons to install, setting up special URL links.
We stand behind our elderly people and people with various disabilities. We also support our troops and veterans and many Americans overseas trying to enjoy their favorite channels. We are proud to provide exceptional service and stand behind our users.
Why you offer Bitcoin/Litecoin Payment
Bitcoin & Litecoin payments are the best way if you not want to involve your Paypal, Bank and stay more anonymous. We also offer a 10% Discount on Bitcoin/Litecoin Payments. You can get Bitcoin very easily at Localbitcoins, Coinbase or Coinmama!