With the purchase you agree with the following:

After the purchase:

You receive an receipt for your order directly after the Order. Within 24 hours you will receive a seperate email with your order complete and your account will be active right after the order complete email. ( Please note that it takes in most cases only a few hours ).

Please note: We process orders daily, also on weekends between 14:00 UTC ( 07:00 PDT ) and 03:00 UTC ( 20:00 PDT )!


You must have an supported Device ( please visit our FAQ and Support Guide Section ) and High speed Broadband Internet. A speed of at least 12-15 mbps available on the streaming device ( not only in total ) is recommended. The Device must have sufficient hardware and available memory. Devices older then 4 years are NOT recommended.

Terms of use:

We are unique in the Business and allow 5 Devices and 3 IP addresses, this although is strictly enforced. A Violation of this Terms results in an Account BAN and NO REFUND!


We only accept Refunds if the order is still processing, in that case please open a Ticket or email us at [email protected]. Once the Order completed email is sent by our System, no refunds can be given anymore as the service is setup and running for the subscription period.


We reserve the right to control the available content on Cloud9 TV. We  may add or remove channels any time. To keep the service running at the best possible state, you may experience intermittent down time for maintenance and upgrades, as well as updates of our applications.


We offer support for the duration of your subscription. You can open a Ticket here or join our Telegram Group. Emails take at least 24 hours for a response, so please utilize our Ticket System or Telegram Group.