Please follow the Instructions below or download it here as PDF for your convenience!

Android Box / Android TV / Phone / Tablet Installation

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To install Cloud9 on your Android Box, Android TV, Phone or Tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings on your device, it may look different on different devices. You need to find the “Settings” option.


  1. Under Settings look for either “Security” or “Security & Restrictions” and select it


  1. Once in “Security” option make sure to turn on “Unknown Sources” and turn off “Verify apps”. Please note on different devices you may only have “Unknown Sources” which is fine. Please turn that on.

Agree to turn on “Unknown Sources” by pressing “OK”


  1. When done look for the Google Playstore icon and go into it. You will see a search Icon in the Android TV or Playstore interface.


  1. Search for an app called “Fileio” This should work on all Android devices once found you will see a white icon that looks like the one below. Please click on it.


  1. Press the “Install” button to install Fileio


  1. You may have to “Accept” permissions before installing Fileio please do so.


  1. Once Fileio install simply press “Open”


  1. Once opened you will see and a blinking cursor input as shown in the screenshot below and press the “Go” button. URL: (Please note uppercase and lowercase must match as shown)


  1. Once you press the go button you should see the download begin and download your APK file.


  1. Once the APK is downloads you may have to choose “Package Installer” and select “Always” to install. Depending on your device you may just see a screen with the install icon as shown below as well, just press “Install”


  1. Once the APK installs simply, press “Open” and choose allow as shown below.


  1. Logon with your credentials and enjoy Live TV, if you are having any further issues contact support!