Installing or using our Service or any IPTV Service on Roku is due to their restriction not very easy, but still do-able.

NOTE: we do not provide Support for ROKU, if this guide does not work for you, head over to Youtube and search for Solutions to install an IPTV player on Roku.

Follow the steps:

  • Click this link and login in with your Roku account to add “M3U Black” to your Roku
  • Go to your Roku Device
  • Open the “M3U Black” App
  • Click on “Playlist Editor”
  • Click on “Add New Playlist”
  • Name it “Cloud9TV”
  • Click on “Save Name To Playlist”
  • Next type in (no spaces)
  • You have to replace “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD” with your actual username and password you received with the order complete email.
  • Click “Save URL”
  • Go back to the Homepage of the “M3U Black”
  • Click on “Video Player”
  • Click on “Cloud9TV”
  • Wait for it to load up
  • Done!